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Rock Disney Fashion

Disney is 100% my second home, and now if you want to dress like Disney Character but don’t want to do a “fancy dress” costume there is now an amazing shop on Cherry Tree Lane at Disney Springs with dresses and accessories inspired by classic characters and attractions, from Minnie Mouse to the Haunted Mansion.

Source YouTube Inside the Magic

You may want to rock polka dots like Minnie Mouse or be the fairest of them all in these Snow White-inspired goods. According to Inside the Magic in a few months some styles may be available online. My only problem is going to be which one I buy! Lyla will have to help me now or it will be a step away from the keyboard! I can’t wait to get there sooner #bucketlist #disneyland #dressups #wantneednow

Rock Polka Dots like Minnie Mouse Image  Inside the Magic.

Snow White image 

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