Because We Can | The Unicorn Frap Freakout
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The Unicorn Frap Freakout

America is really freaking out about this Unicorn Starbucks drink so much… just drink it or not – you don’t have to drink 10 of them, and you can decide not even to have one of them – but it looks super fun to me! Better than those pumpkin spiced things that are made that you all drink! I am totally sucked in for this crazy and delicious pink and blue beverage – i am thinking  strawberry and blue heaven (aussie terms) all whizzed up in a delicious goodness – hold the cream though for me… or maybe it comes in “diet” lol while i have it next to the bed as I clean sleep! #thingsaregettingalittlecrazy #outofcontrol #funfunfun #noiquitsugarhere

Where has all the fun gone, and maybe there are about 1 billion other things that you should be worried about that you consume on a weekly/daily basis that cause more damage than a cheeky sweet drink once every now and then i.e.- putting caramel in your coffee – seriously, all the other additions and cream you put in your coffee daily, chicken and waffles, cakes, and more that you don’t see as an issue!!!

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