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Alton Browns Coffee Shop

Exciting time ahead with the awesome and infamous chef Alton Brown  opening a coffee shop, and although the details are a bit sketchy we know it is going to be something crazy cool!

In a recent interview with the LA Times he did let on a few things that we will know as we book our flights to Georgia….

The Wifi will be Excellent

College students and unpublished writers take note— “You can come hang out for as long as you want,” Brown says.

It will be a jazz music haven

We can only hope a jazzy rendition of his Food Network show’s theme song exists somewhere.

 The Coffee with be pour-over only

“I’m addicted to coffee and to coffee shops. And I can’t get a good cup of coffee around here,” he explains about his reasoning for opening the spot.

It will feel like you have walked into his living room 

“I like hanging out at coffee shops. I like the art on the wall at coffee shops,” Brown reveals about his plans for the custom-curated decor.

He will make the occasional appearance

“I will come in the back door in my pajamas or a robe and get a cup of coffee and sit down and read the paper.”

So the countdown is on to opening day! Head on over to the LA Times for the full interview.

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