Because We Can | Journals have finally arrived!
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Journals have finally arrived!

The amazing leather bound custom Limited Edition Project Notebooks have finally arrived for sale, we have already sold 10 out of the 20 so if you are interested in getting one – contact me ASAP and they will be couriered our in the next 5-7 days! They are divine and will keep your life amazingly organised especially if you love bullet journalling or have many projects on the go. We will also be selling custom packs (with some secret surprises) and  the shop will have all the accessories you need to pimp them out and to go with them so you are never out of action or run out of anything you need (extra books, stickers, postcards, embellishments, storage). I am so excited about theses, and have been using my sample for about 2 months now and can’t live without it for all my life and keeping track of projects and big hairy dreams!


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