Because We Can | Happy Birthday Balthazar
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Happy Birthday Balthazar

When I planned my first ever trip to NYC I went on my own, it was scary and also the best thing I have even done in my life, when the plane touched down at JFK listening to Alicia Keys (I know so cliche) I felt like I was home. As I scooted straight to the hotel, staying at the Soho Grand (if you are going to be in NYC do it right and just don’t look at how much it costs) there were essential things I had to do. So I tucked myself into bed so I could be ready to tackle the city the next day.

I had to go on the Sex and the City bus tour, visit and sit and have a coffee at Pastis and then enjoy a late afternoon early evening experience at Parisian inspired and iconic Balthazar while taking in the wonders of the most magical and vibrant city in the world. This week Balthazar turns 20 years old and I still love the fact that every time I go to NYC, especially if I am travelling with someone, this is a not negotiable stop, alone or with someone Balthazar just feels like home.  I have to go there for a classic Nicoise salad, frites, glass of wine and of course a pastry to have here and to go. I don’t care how long I have to wait for a table, sitting at the bar is even more perfect and just let me and who I am with sit back and love myself sick for being in one of the greatest cities in the world doing absolutely nothing but being present in that moment.

So Happy Birthday Balthazar, and I hope one day I will see you again soon.

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