Because We Can | Poke is coming
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Poke is coming

I love me a bowl of poke and it seems that this delicious Hawaiian feast might be making its way slowly down under. Long before it was one of the mainland’s most Instagrammed foods, the fresh poke bowl was a Hawaii resident’s go–to lunch. Poke, meaning “to cut,” describes large chunks of fresh raw fish (think: ahi tuna, salmon or shellfish) that are marinated and served cold over rice. Seasonings range from soy sauce, limu (seaweed) and sesame seeds to a creamy, spicy mayo and salty furikake. Yum Yum Yum mixed in with all kinds of “ice bucket” fridge ingredients to make a perfect fresh raw fish salad.

The popular bowls can be found roadside in hawaii markets and convenience stores across the islands. and are spreading the poke love across the USA and need to hit the Australian markets ASAP! It’s a perfect combination of our summer love affair with fresh beautiful produce and easy living eating.  , nothing beats the Hawaii original, which is simply prepared and widely loved but you can give it a great red hot shot.


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