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World Chocolate Day

Today is World Chocolate Day dedicated to the celebration of all things chocolate. Only Melbourne has come up with a list of decadent ways to celebrate World Chocolate Day in Melbourne.

  • Eat the chocolate pavlova at Chokolait: A crossover between rich chocolate and the national pride that is pavlova, Chokolait’s famous chocolate pavlova is a must. Topped with dollops of cream, fresh strawberries and chocolate, this dessert is all about treating yourself.
  • Chocolate dessert martinis at Damon Bradley: There’s no lack of chocolate on the dessert menu at Southbank’s Damon Bradley. If your adult-brain insists on just one dessert, try a martini. The chocolate truffle martini is a mix of chocolate liqueur, Bailey’s, vodka, crème de cacao, double cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate dusted truffle.
  • Chocolate Souffle at Grossi Florentino : Both light and rich, both chocolatey and nutty, both soft and creamy, the chocolate soufflé at Grossi Florentino is a staple. Served in a copper pot and a dollop of accompanying ice-cream, there are many reasons that point to why it’s one of the best.
  • Rose chocolate affogato at Nieuw Amsterdam: Forget nice — be naughty this winter. The rose chocolate affogato at Nieuw Amsterdam is a combo of dark chocolate and rose ice-cream, spiced rum, coffee liqueur and espresso.
  • 20 hot chocolate flavours at Café Metsa or the campfire hot chocolate at Mörk Chocolate: Taking foodie indecision to the next level, you’ll be drooling over Café Metsa’s 20 hot chocolate flavours. If you can’t handle the food-equivalent of Sophie’s choice, head to Mörk Chocolate for their campfire hot chocolate. Or, head to Next level hot chocolate in Melbourne for more warming winter suggestions.
  • Nutella Calzone at Gradi: Gradi may be famous for their internationally-recognised margherita pizza, but the Italian team makes a mean Nutella calzone. It’s nut-thing to laugh about.
  • Delhi Streets: Get on-board with Delhi Streets’ chocolate naan stuffed with M&Ms. Toasted to crispy perfection, take a bite for a nutty, rich treat.
  • Churros at Movida: Spanish doughnuts dusted generously with icing sugar are served with a rich side of drinking chocolate. Well played, Movida.

Don’t forget to take a stroll past Federation Square CBD between 11:00AM – 2:00PM and you may be in luck because Cadbury (with the help of Olympian Dylan Alcott) will be handing out FREE chocolate!

Try one of their six new flavours:

Mad 4 Mint: Contains original mint, peppermint, choc mint and spearmint.

Craving 4 Coffee: Contains flat white, mocha, caramel latte and iced coffee.

Crazy 4 Caramel: Contains burnt toffee, butterscotch, caramello and salted caramel.

Bonkers 4 Berry: Contains gooey strawberry, blackcurrant, raspberry and strawberries & creme.

In addition, Cadbury is also releasing new variants of two existing flavours: Mega Crunchie and Oreo Double Choc. 

Now available in stores but you better get in quick chocolate lovers! These options are only available for a limited time.

Happy Chocolate Day!


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