Because We Can | Ice Cream-Filled Donuts
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Ice Cream-Filled Donuts

Okay Melbourne, where can you get an Ice Cream-Filled Donut?  You know my love for donuts, or the thought of them anyway. I cannot eat them at present but as soon as I can will be there!

There’s a bakery in Los Angeles B Sweet Dessert Bar making an ice-cream-filled donut called the “Halo” where they actual seal a scoop of ice cream inside a hot glazed donut. You can pick out your ice-cream flavour — vanilla, mint chip, cookies and cream, rocky road, chocolate malted crunch are just some – and then your hot-and-cold dessert will be made just for you.

B Sweet describes the Halo on their Instagram page as “A scoop of your favorite #icecream heat-sealed inside our fresh glazed donut!!! Hot on the outside, cold on the inside and yummy allover!”

Perfect for Instagramming too.

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