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Sherbet Hair

I am watching patiently (or more to the point, impatiently) for my hair to grow back after my previous bout of “The Red Devil” chemo.  Like cancers, everyone’s regrowth grows differently. Some people’s hair may grow back curlier some may be thinner and others experience a reduction in color and shine, or the hair grows out grey.

I’m dreaming of sherbet hair at present, like Kaley Cuoco’s new sherbet ‘do on her Instagram. This daring, dreamy colour was created by Hollywood hairstylist Faye Woods.

Haley posted a photo on Instagram on June 16, 2017 wearing a unicorn necklace with the caption: “Thank you @faye.woods for giving me some dreamy sherbet hair 🍬 👩🏼 #nofilter 💜💙”

It looks like silvery grey so if my hair grows back grey I’m calling sherbet!

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