Because We Can | Icecream Tacos
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Icecream Tacos

Sweet Cup, an ice cream shop in Orange County, California is redefining the ice cream taco.  According to Thrillist  Sweet Cup‘s owner Kenny Tran came up with the ice cream taco as a different way to serve a trendy type of ice cream, rolled ice cream. Taco shells come in a variety of beautiful colours like turquoise, purple, pink, and black. The ice cream tacos come in a variety of flavors like s’mores, strawberry shortcake, and since it is 2017, matcha and charcoal black coconut topped with edible gold. Or you can try the Monster Inc., a bright turquoise taco filled with crushed chocolate chip cookie and Oreo ice cream, then topped off with whipped cream, a drizzle of chocolate, and of course, a fresh cookie. Then there’s the Rainbow Road: a bright pink taco shell loaded with Fruity Pebbles ice cream, rainbow sour straws, and obviously, rainbow sprinkles.

These ice-cream tacos are super cool for instagraming. Image from their Instagram Page. Check them out at sweetcup_oc. 

Also on Facebook at Sweet Cup.

If you are passing by Orange County in your travels look them up as there is no word yet if we will see these incredible funky looking tacos in Australia.
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