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After 25 years of obsessing over the best stationery this store is my little dream corner to share with the same self obsessed lovers of lovely shiny pretty things. But who has the time to source and find the best items all the time. Well in my new situation..that would be me.


Your time is precious and the team will be putting a small hand picked collection of the items that rotate in and out as we find additional amazing things that you can not live with out. So if you want pre-access to items that we have found, or you have something you would like us to find you can join our exclusive VIP Concierge Club and we can be your personal shopper through to problem solver. We have access to things via our global collective that you will not be able to get your hand on without our slick fingers and fast talking, navigate the best parties at SXSW, a restaurant reservation and meet the chef, need to chose the right wine, it’s never ending what we can do for you,  so this is a great option if you are time poor and love the awesome and want to be that person others follow. You will get the rockstar treatment and who knows what just might randomly turn up for you as well every now *wink *wink or be invited to.


Partnering with the loveliest of brands and suppliers our little store is just to make sure you are well looked after, hand picked and always feeling luxe when ever you open book or get out your pen in a meeting or wanting to write a perfect Thank you note. For all main stream items and bigger purchases – we will send you to the stores in our little black book of where we love to shop.


Launching in April the store will just have the essentials you need for travel, work, rest, pondering, bullet journaling and playing.


The shop is also very special to me and my cancer journey with all of you and will also stock our custom #projectnotebook pack which will have you remembering to disconnecting from the electronic world and get back to hand to paper wherever you might be in the world, but never forget what you would like to share on the instagram and facebook as well. For the story behind #projectnotebook click here 


If you have an item that you think we might love – please email: I would love to have a look and review it to see if it fits!