Because We Can | in bed with
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Oh My Lordy….I can not believe it that we already have people who want to get into bed with us. The team here at Because We Can thought my bits were out of action and well, those days were behind me but no…. I can still flirt like a banshee and maybe a shoulder wiggle still gets you somewhere!


But it’s all happening a little fast so we have slowed down the relationships a bit, taken it back to cuddle time and working out what’s best for everyone in the team and our lovely new playmates!


Now this is tricky because we don’t sleep with just, anyone!  I know I know that’s not what the other blogs say…But we don’t.  Saying no is just as important as saying yes to the right fit.  It is important to us, the share space, our community, and VIP concierge clientele and team –  you know what I mean. *wink *wink


So coming soon you will get to meet some of these new people that we have found that are just gorgeous and sexy as hell to be around… this space.


If you do want to get into bed with us – email me at and we can go on a date and see where, where it takes us….