Because We Can | #BWCPOSTGAME
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When you can’t get out and about you have to find ways to amuse yourself and communicate.

This means sending stuff to each other.

So the pen pal is back but bigger and better and of course in a game. It’s called #bwcpostgame.

But this is no ordinary pen pal letter exchange.

The bar is set high, you have to find and send random stuff in the mail to each other and see who can out send, out laugh, our think, out post each other and it’s not about being expensive.

Make sure you instagram and #bwcpostgame what you receive in the mail.  See below feed.

Want to join in but need someone to start the #bwcpostgame with – we can find you a starter #bwcpostgame pal. Know someone you want to post, but may not have their contact details but we do, email us and we will see what we can do.

But don’t be like weird stalker person, be cool about it.


Still confused? Think of someone you know, anyone, think of their quirks, thinks a bit off centre, then post!  It needn’t cost anything but postage. Something one of our #bwcpostgame players found over ten years ago he sent a #bwcpostgame to someone they know on Facebook, surprised them and brought some fun and laughter to their day.

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