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About a year ago I had an idea, and for those that are close to me and know me I have a lot of ideas but this one was really special to me a personal one one that leaves me open and vulnerable, nothing to do with work, or money making or anything like that – just something that fills your heart, soul and brings back connecting people with people at a base core level #becausewecan .

It’s called #ProjectNotebook.

#ProjectNotebook started because I am going to die of stage 4 terminal breast cancer, I don’t know when, and I don’t know how, there is no crystal ball and there is no cure. I wake up every day and we celebrate because we have another day. When you are sick you are online a lot because you spend an enormous time in bed bored and my brain works overtime and I get bored fast and this leads to frustration and then in turn depressive states, I know sucks to be me and just generally sucks, BUT I was looking at all the things people were going to do and leave people when they die, and there are 2 things that confuse me – why are there never a lot of boozy drinks on arrival at a funeral, it’s when you need one the most and everything people were creating and was all morbid and sad, nothing to do with the celebration of the things I loved in my life and made specifically me.

I don’t want any part of my life to be remembered as sad or depressing, I have had an awesome life and have awesome people in it and I am going into a new phase of that life – so it should be celebrated not when I am gone, but now.  People need to know that I gave it a crack and I can still live on, in the everywhere and especially in my favourite format “The Notebook” (analogue and digital style). So anytime something reminds you of me – I want to make you feel amazing, and this is where #projectnotebook has come to life, and you can capture your world and your amazing life in a notebook, or whatever that might be.

I always joked that when I died on my tombstone or wherever I am remembered it would say “She died with many notebooks” and that will not change, trust me I have hundreds of the things and I can have hundreds more, some people bring wine, me – it’s a notebook. So the lightbulb went off after being sick for over 20 weeks,  why wait until I am gone to give you your notebook, when we can share our lives now.

#ProjectNotebook: Make sure you take photos of random life, your pages and also just your daily musings, or whatever and hashtag it #projectnotebook.  Whatever you share will be streamed here at #projectnotebook / streaming. So I can feel like I am part of all your lives even though it’s so hard for me to get to you these days to be there, so this makes me forget about being sick and being happy about all the awesome things you are doing so I found a way to bring you all to me!   I need to stop spiralling into sad states of living dead and bring myself back to loving life. No agenda, No reason, just because sharing is fun. Because being sick is very lonely and I am sick of feeling alone and I can enjoy what you share from the smallest thing to the most amazing gobsmacking thing!

So as of today and part of my personal new project that i have been working on for 2 years! a new share space, #projectnotebook  will live there.

Now, don’t feel like there is pressure to be part of it, or be good at it or anything in particular this is just an expression of you, just have to do what you want to do when you want to do it. All it takes is for you to just start, it’s as easy as posting an instagram of your breakfast or your morning walk. Don’t overthink it. Just do it.

Anyone can be involved creators, makers. thinkers. writers. ideas. photos. BuJo Layouts and designs, thoughts, quotes, flowers, dogs and cats, rain, hail and shine whatever there are no rules.

Put it in your phone, your notebook, your diary/journal, wherever you download and take a photo of it and share and tag #projectnotebook. Don’t wait around.. Go forth and snapshot the world! 🙂 Also it will give you a small moment of the day to take to reflect on something – slow down the busy busy. 10 mins is nothing to share something that makes someones day. So no more living dead, time to leave nothing on the table.

PS. Also everyone is welcome to join in, the more the merrier to share things that have no reason so invite your kids, your friends anyone that just generally loves to capture the world.  The idea in the global domination picture would be to be the world biggest hub of creators, makers, photographers, thinkers, wordsmiths, dreamers, doodlers that share not for money, or fame or any of that blogger bullshit – because the original reason we put things online – we shared things #becausewecan


We have come up with the perfect custom #projectnotebook starter pack. It will be here in April – so if you want to pre-order one – let me know.

We only have created a limited edition.

Overseas orders might need a bit more postage so just ping me this is not a money making venture we just need to cover costs of the packs because they are beautiful and so going to make your life better. 

As you know I am the queen of the stationery cupboard so these packs are going to be fun, luxe and awesome.

#projectnotebook Starter Packs are Leather, Luxe and Crazy Amazing – $60.00 + Courier Fee

Pack comes in Leather Standard and Personal Size.

email me:

Make the world a more beautiful and thoughtful place write and share at #projectnotebook

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