Because We Can | watching
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When you can’t get out of bed cause your stupid lungs won’t work and you are attached to oxygen to the wall one of your companions is the television and computer.  You become an expert in the field of everything from trash to awesome documentaries (even more than you were). Seriously I need to be hired in the job of watching anything and if i can’t watch it – it needs to be ditched and it’s bad, like really bad.  Again the list will change organically so check on in and if you have additions.. send them to us at

We watch – Foxtel, Netflix, Hulu some dodgy online websites if you are cool to go there like and …. on the way is STAN with a little help from some friends.



Top Chef

Housewives of Beverly Hills

Vanderpump Rules

America’s Next Top Model


Food TV

Secret Eats with Adam Richman

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Beat Bobby Flay

The Chef’s Table




American Housewife

The Path (Hulu)



Nashville (just it’s on it’s last legs)

Grey’s Anatomy

The Big Bang Theory

This is us