Chemo Priestess is in Town

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Chemo has good (we are hoping it’s killing all the baddies), bad (you feel shit) and well the side effect of losing your hair (I will have my bald club membership re-dusted off soon Tom, we can be twinning).

First time round this was fucking shit awful and I had no idea how to rock it out, own it or what to do, I did all the wig things, bad scarves and crap.  I mean I was lucky my head seems to look okay bald and when I had a little bit growing back my friends were so supportive and told me to throw away that crap and just be bald!



But because I was too scared, too sick and all the things you would expect the process was awful. But hey, this time NO. Rocking it out is going to be my mission starting with invoking the TV on Shahs of Sunset’s High Priestess Asa also known as the “Persian Pop Priestess,” and “Spiritual Gangsta,” from her online followers.. I just thing she is cool, so….online I went got a little Kaftan and an array of Turbans, all is left is to bring out the BIG and when I say BIG. I mean BIG sunglasses, and earrings and Chemo Priestess is in the house.


Next is to buy her book when released in May, because I love her way of thinking and this is a life I can believe in, love, light, shiny pretty things, comfort and glamour! Every thought you have cancer and feel disgusting, I have decided this time the only way to get through it is go full own it fabulous!

Asa shares how you can connect to your inner Priestess with seven rituals she’s developed throughout her life. Within each chapter are fun, lighthearted tips based on Asa’s own personal journey to find peace and acceptance. Golden can guide you to a state of glamorous, gorgeous mindfulness and a chance to live the life of your dreams.

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