Washi Tape Amazingness

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Bullet Journalling is the new list management organisation rad thing to be into and for short we call it BuJo, it is where you turn back to the good old pen and paper and list making and organise your life in a Moleskine and Leuchtturm1917 notebook. But it is not just writing lists it is a system…and lives at the intersection between mindfulness and productivity. The system adapts to your life every single day, and you manage your BuJo as you like. This has now developed globally into a group or cult of people that love to BuJo,  and it is huge and if you don’t know about it yet, you will soo. Most likely you will pick up the system for business at some stage in the future, because it makes life so easy and productive.

It has developed into designing beautiful pages and trackers and elements of recording your life as it all goes ahead. Memories and collecting your story every day, and as well as indexing and organising it in a way like you would read a book, with cross referencing on your entries and notes at the front of the journal as you track it.

It’s the analogue system for the digital age and it makes daily life for that 20 mins or so when you start the day and organise yourself so enjoyable to the times during the day or on the weekends where you get lost in journalling and thinking and planning your projects, life and all sorts of things you just dream about. It cane as simple or as complex as you chose it to be. It can be as personal or work based you develop it for yourself, it’s your space and you chose how you use it.

But part of this process has for me has been the obsession with decoration and washi tape as well, making the pages not only useful but beautiful. With my lack of being abe to draw or do calligraphy style writings I turn to the tapes and stickers accessories to add in, whilst dragging everyone I know in a 10cm radius into it as well.   If you are not yet you soon the system is finding its way into the work place pretty quickly as it is so easy to use to manage a project etc etc.

BUT what I have found is that there are so many of my peeps out there that also have my secret stationery obsession and I am not nearly anywhere only own out here. The new journals that we have created for #projectnotebook are walking out the door on pre-sale, and they are all about to be opened up to the world of japanese stationery which is amazing. I think for the shop I have bought most of Japan and now I am on the way to China and that is not far off with parcels arriving every day….it is kinda insane but I am loving it. I have wanted to edit a magazine (tick) and have my own stationery line shop since I was about 15 and now I can and I am.

So the Find Me Quickly + Find Me Quickly Etsy Store is coming together, we have been deep in sourcing the coolest and mose beautiful and luxe/super fun but useful items to +addtocart at your fingertips.



My beautiful friend DB who I also cheekily getting her into washi tape and all things a little crafty, even though she is the queen of wrapping, boxing and gift bagging… by sending her some  flamingo washi tape in the #bwcpostgame mail and will just be the icing on the cake to her beyond amazing talents in wrapping, and then this arrived today in #bwcpostgame sent me this as her first foray out, with the most amazing book on inspirations from Tokyo. OMG, I am just going to curl up in bed now and read it cover to cover. Here is her beautiful work. And it was just the most perfect timing without Thank You note post today, people love getting a little something in the mail, it puts a smile on the dial and makes you feel super special. Thanks DB x


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