Decorate your own Ice Cream Cake

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At Because We Can we love everything cool and fun ideas. When it comes to birthdays normally Lyla, my niece, opts for a Cadbury Freddo Ice Cream Party Cake, very popular, including the search for the mini chocolate Freddos and it’s dessert as well.

But now there is a new option on the market, Bulla Ready to Decorate Ice Cream Base Cake Base, a vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavoured ice cream creating the perfect base to add your favourite toppings. We spotted it for just $9.99..

Kids can jazz up their own ice cream cake using sprinkles, marshmallows, M&Ms and more in fun ways. Cannot wait to try this one out with Lyla and Hudson for the next birthday celebration.

Or you can decorate it adult style. Let your creativity and flair run wild! Summer Berry Ice Cream Cake recipe and instructions at Bulla.

This is not a sponsored post but we would like it to be. 🙂



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