The Pav Challenge

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I want a Chocolate Pavlova. Now Mum (Betty) makes a mean pavlova but not chocolate, I don’t want a 60s/70s Pav topped chocolate peppermint crisp or the half/half one that were the rage years ago! Anyone remember them! So I’m challenging Mum to turn her pav into a chocolate one topped with delicious fruit!!

Now here are a few to get some ideas from:

Featured at

Phoebe Wood provides a sleek spin on a timeless classic with this chocolate pavlova with spiced pears.

Nigella whips up a chocolate-raspberry-pavlova with crisp and chewy chocolate meringue base, rich in cocoa and beaded nuggets of chopped plain chocolate.

The third one is a recipe from Maggie’s Kitchen by Maggie Beer. Chocolate Vino Cotton Pavlova. This one has beautiful fresh figs but Maggie likes to use raspberries too depending on which fruit is in season.

I’m happy with any so start baking!!

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