Orange Wine

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Make it an orange one! According to Instyle orange wine is gaining popularity in the US and now increasingly in demand in Australia with Italian winemakers leading the surge.

As I am on my own cocktail o’clock of medication I can not try it but I will definitely get Wendy, Matteo Katherine and Valjean and DB to crack a bottle and let me know what’s up!  Orange wine is also known as skin-contact wine, and it is made from white grapes that have had extended skin contact for hundreds of days.

Social media fans are loving it because of it’s vibrant, amber hue increasing its popularity even more.


If you want to try surprise someone and bring something different in both taste and texture give it a go, or if you’ve tried it tell us what you think!

Instyle suggestions if you’re keen to try  Pheasant’s Tears Rkatsiteli($59.90) and 2015 Foradori Fontanasanta Manzoni Bianco ($50).

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