Pop-Up Globe Theatre

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Transporting us back 400 years is the Global Pop Up to be constructed in the park beside Sidney Myer Music Bowl. It will be a fully-working and utterly accurate recreation of the legendary London theatre where Shakespeare’s plays were first performed. The park will be a complete throwback rechristened Shakespeare Gardens for its three month stay here in Melbourne and so exciting to be on the world’s stage.

“We’re going to pop up in six weeks. A three-storey, 900-person, 100-tonne theatre,” Miles Gregory, the project founder, said. “There will be incredible fights, hundreds of litres of fake blood, canons firing. It is a completely immersive theatre experience that will take you back to places you though you were never going to go. People will get splashed.”

Productions at the Globe will feature Much Ado About Nothing, Othello, As You Like It as well as Around the Globe in 60 Minutes, with performances to run from September to November. There will also be historical tours of the venue revealing the history of its ancient original and the rich story of the evolution of Shakespearian theatre.

The Pop Up Globe

  • The Pop up will be in Melbourne in the park beside Sidney Myer Music Bowl
  • Open from September 18-November 12.
  • There is no way of escaping the blood, vomit and all the other bits and pieces that go with the plays and special events inclusive of Melbourne’s unpredictable weather. It will definitely be an unforgettable experience.
  • Tickets are on sale on now online popupglobe.com.au


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