Martha’s five reasons you should clean out your pantry right now.

  • So you can make a better shopping list – Know what you already own so you don’t buy extra and check your  pantry staple required for Christmas baking, sugars, flours spices etc
  • To declutter your life – Consider finding space elsewhere for the items that take up too much space, paper towels and cleaning supplies might be better suited stored under the kitchen sink. Group the items that do belong together, rice and grains, oil and vinegars and snacks etc.
  • To Set Yourself Up for Future Success – Invest in organisers that you can see immediately what’s inside and label accordingly so you know immediately  you opened the door what’s there.
  • To prevent food poisoning –  If you haven’t eaten it, it’s time to get rid of it, especially if it’s long past its best-by date. Need some advice on shelf life of common food staples click here for They have some fantastic easy to read posters.
  • To give back – You may be able to donate any still in date non-perishable items to your local food bank. While you are at it throw in a few extras to and help a hungry family.

Thanks Martha for the advice and if you need to know more or how to go about it, click here for Martha Stewart.