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How do you cook your bacon? I normally would throw it in the air fryer and if comes out crispy and fat drained. Thank goodness Shelli didn’t see the Bacon Express because you know her love of bacon. Even though she didn’t really eat much of it, it was the thought of it that counted! bacon…..bacon……!!

The Bacon Express is a cross between a retro toaster and my old vertical grill but has one task in the kitchen, cooking bacon. It can cook up to six strips of bacon and a pair of doors seal the heat and the unique vertical cooking mechanism  means the fat and grease drains away.  Choose your desired cooking preference via an adjustable dial time.

It might only do one thing and takes up precious counter space, but let’s not forget it cooks BACON!!

Check out Nostalgia Electrics  to find out how you can get your hands on one, just because we can.

#bacon #cooking #eating #becausewecan


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