In-flight experience to nowhere

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Would you like to experience flying first class or business class?  Japan’s First Airlines
is giving passengers a virtual reality, in-flight experience without taking them anywhere.

From First Airlines’ base in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, paying “passengers” are handed a boarding pass and directed to their Airbus seats in re-created business and first class cabins.

With their VR headsets, the travellers experience a simulated takeoff and landing. They hear all the safety instructions, in-flight announcements and sounds of aircraft engines, and they’re served in-flight meals, drinks and snacks by flight attendants.

Towards the end of the fake flight experience, passengers can take in a 360-degree virtual city tour of their “destination” — including as Paris, Rome and Hawaii — through video and projection mapping.

These virtual reality experiences cost $60 for business class and $70 for first class. It may be your only chance to experience first class!

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