Travelling tips: Dental Floss

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We love hearing tips on packing to make travelling easier and stress free. There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination and having a broken suitcase or broken shoes. But let’s not just use the following  tip from  for travelling, pack dental floss, a canvas quality needle and a small stitch unpicker in your handbag right now for those every day emergencies!  Dental floss is the best thing for emergency repairs. It cannot be broken, only cut!

With the help of dental floss, a canvas quality needle and a small stitch unpicker you can do emergency repairs to your glasses or use as extra strong emergency sewing thread to stitch up torn zips on suitcases and travel bags or sewing on buttons. Replace shoelaces, wrap around torn soles of shoes or fix many other unexpected problems.

Irene Flynn suggests forgetting about heavy locks and cable ties on luggage (they can be difficult to remove). Use dental floss instead, very strong, easy to see if any interference has taken place, quick to tie but not easy to untie — hence the stitch unpicker.

Who would have thought that Dental Floss had so many uses. Don’t forget to use it for what it’s designed for too, flossing your teeth!!

You can read more on this dental floss tip and 10 more awesome travel hacks at

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