Barbie’s fab makeover

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It’s the second week of the school holidays and the grandkids are “rocking” it with energy. Some cheap purchases on AliExpress had arrived to spruce up the old tattered Barbie and Ken Collection. Some I thought would be beyond cleaning so it would be a fun activity regardless of the result.

After watching  a quick tutorial “How to Clean Thrift Store Dolls” by Everything Dolls on YouTube it was time for a fab makeover with Lyla’s help. Hudson did wash an old Ken and GI Joe before playing Tonkas with Pa.

Using mild soapy water and a soft cotton rag Lyla went into action giving a pile of old Barbies a sponge bath “trying” not to immerse them in water. If they are precious Barbies you should make sure they are not immersed so water doesn’t get inside. This can be difficult when kids love water and bathing their dolls.

It was amazing how the Barbie faces cleaned up and marks came off. I had read to hold the hair tightly around the scalp and brush gently so the hair did not come out so we shampooed, conditioned and combed Barbie’s hair.

There was great excitement when I said that some of the Barbies needed a hair trim to get rid of the fizz. The Barbies were then laid out on a towel to dry, draining and shaking them just in case some water did get into the bodies.

The result was surprising and after another quick brushing style, some hair ties and clothes and the old tattered Barbies and Kens mini makeover transformations were complete. Ken even had a dinner suit.

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