Back to school lunch hacks

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Struggling to get the kids out the door on time in the morning? These lunch box hacks will help speed things up so you all have a stress free start to the day…

  1. Portion healthy fresh food snacks in snap lock bags and put in a tub in the fridge the night before or weekend before so all you need to do is reach for them to put in lunchboxes.
  2. Set up a draw for healthy non refrigerated lunch box snacks so the kids can get involved and help put their lunch together.
  3. Designate a cupboard to store lunch boxes, plastic zip lock bags, reusable plastic containers and thermoses so they are easy to find (nothing like scrambling around the house trying to find these things in the morning).
  4. Make a list of foods to put in lunches and use it to make food shopping for the week easier. The kids can even pick from it to help you put lunches together.
  5. Use frozen beverages such as juice boxes as ice blocks
  6. Entice fussy eaters by using cookie cutters to cut out sandwiches, fruit and toppings for crackers to keep lunches interesting.

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