Chip flavoured Cadbury Chocolate

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Chips and Chocolate…we don’t know too many people who don’t love these two foods. Cadbury has come up with the bright idea to put them together in a chocolate block.  Yes you read that right…chips in a chocolate bar. The two new Limited Edition flavours are CC’s Original corn chips and sea salt Kettle Chips. Cadbury said that you can hear the crunch of the crisps when you bite into the bar.

Produced at the firm’s Hobart factory, the bars’ inspiration was the football, said Ms Watson. “When people watch footy finals they tend to sit down with family and friends and eat chips and chocolate together, so we thought why not literally put them together? “They’re amazing, a sweet yet salty sensation. They deliver something completely different — you can actually hear the crunchiness of the chips when you’re eating it.”

Available at Coles, Woolworths and other leading retailers now. Get your blocks now before they stop making them.

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