Melbourne Float House

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We are loving the fact that we have so many alternative therapies available to us for all of our aches and pains. Let’s face it, we get more of these the older we get too! Something that has become more and more popular is Floating. Floating is Float Tanks (or sensory deprivation tanks) which mimic a zero-gravity experience, inside a pod filled with body temperature water and Epsom Salts, in a sound-proof environment.

Benefits of floating are:

  • Provide chronic and mild pain relief – for example: in those who suffer from fibromyalgia, and/or sports, joint, muscle and soft-tissue injuries

  • Relieve stress – by significantly reducing the stress hormone, cortisol

  • Help sufferers of depression – floating stimulates the production of dopamine (the ‘feel good’ hormone), and/or

  • Improve skin conditions – such as psoriasis, eczema and acne breakouts.  The added Epsom Salts provide an amazing deep cleanser factor for your skin’s pores, and can rid your skin of acne-causing bacteria.

Melbourne Float House was founded by Kerry and Scott Thurrowgood. In 2015 their world was changed forever. Scott sustained a back injury which meant he was no longer able to work and we were forced to close their business down. For the next 2 years they spent countless hours at the doctors, neurosurgeons and travelled overseas to try anything that would heal his back or reduce his pain. The pain was debilitating. They turned to alternative therapies such as Infrared Saunas and the benefits were instant. They did more research and tried Float therapy, Cryo and Oxygen therapy. The difference in his pain as a result of the treatments was significant.

Melbourne Float House offers various therapies such as Cryotherapy, Infra Red Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Criolipolysis and Body Composition Analysis. Click here to find out more details.

Where: 7 Trade Way, Kilsyth VIC 3137
When: Mon – Sun 10am – 10pm
Contact: 03 9761 7037

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