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Tea Lattes…they exist thanks to place called The Rabbit Hole in Sydney.

In 2010, Amara Jarratt & Corinne Smith (both passionate tea lovers) saw a need for tea drinkers to have access to the same quality, innovation and extraordinary offerings previously the exclusive domain of coffee, wine & chocolate & with that, The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar was born.

The Rabbit Hole has many tea inspired products on offer in its tea bars. From tea lattes, tea sodas, over 20 original tea blends and more alongside a delicious range of tea inspired sweet and savoury food. Sounds amazing right?

A product that stood out to us were the tea mixers they sell. A thick liquid that has been brewed from real tea and turned into a concentrate. These tea mixers can create tea lattes by pouring the concentrate into warm milk. From Chai, Turkish Delight and Tiramisu, The Rabbit Hole has a tea mixer to delight your senses. Click here to view their product range.

Unfortunately Melbourne doesn’t have a Rabbit Hole Tea Bar as yet however we have discovered that you can order your tea mixers online also! Click here to start shopping.

Image source: The Rabbit Hole

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