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Remember the 1998 chick flick  “You’ve got Mail?” starring Meg Ryan (Kathleen Kelly) and Tom Hanks (Joe Fox)?   The Independent Bookstore “The Shop Around The Corner” was forced out of business because the big bad Fox & Sons Books seduced people with their square footage, discounts, deep armchairs, and cappuccinos.

Borders came along and I always thought of them as “Fox & Sons Books” and, along with ebooks, smaller bookshops started to disappear. Well it seems Borders disappeared and the “Little Shop around the Corner” is fighting back with Robinsons Books and its cappuccinos and couches now open at The Glen Shopping Centre.

Anyone remember the scene when Kathleen Kelly is in Fox & Sons Books and a customer asks the young sales assistant about Noel Streatfeild‘s books?

A Teary-eyed Kathleen Kelly answers:

“Noel Streatfeild wrote Ballet Shoes and Skating Shoes and Theatre Shoes and Dancing Shoes. I’d start with Ballet Shoes first; it’s my favorite. Although Skating Shoes is completely wonderful—but it’s out of print.” 

Today I bought the Noel Streatfeild book Christmas Stories and ordered Ballet Shoes. I almost felt part of the movie!

My grandson and I took in the unique atmosphere of a traditional bookshop not just a discount department store. This is his favourite corner. We stopped by their little coffee shop and enjoyed a milkshake and gingerbread man.

Remember when Kathleen Kelly had storytime in her shop? On Monday 17 December kids and Mums can pull up a seat in Robinsons Bookshop‘s cosy corner and enjoy some Christmas classics. Storytime starts at 11:00am. Hope that includes Grandmas too!!

I never miss the chance to browse around the shop, take in the Christmas atmosphere and stop for a cappuccino. I love the cozy corner fireplace area with the couches. The coffee shop at the back of the store is a welcome change from The Glen’s food gallery.

The sales assistant told me Robinsons Books has been around since 1963 making it the oldest General Independent Bookshop in Victoria. I hope it continues to be.

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