Flinders Island Food & Crayfish Festival

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The 2019 Flinders Island Food and Crayfish Festival celebrates all the island has to offer. From 11-14 April an all-star line up featuring some of Australia’s most talented and adventurous chefs will showcase the Island’s produce, culture and history across four days of innovative programming.

The spectacular crayfish harvested from the cool, clean waters of the Bass Strait is a festival highlight.  Activities include a cocktail party, produce sampling, a cooking class, CWA lunch and grape picking and the Festival’s signature event, the long lunch. You won’t want to miss the special market to be held at Whitemark on the Sunday.

Guests can enjoy a range of activities such as exploring by foot, driving, swimming, bushwalking, fossicking, kayaking, snorkelling, surfing, relaxing.

Want to know more? Check out 2019 Flinders Island Food and Crayfish Festival.


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