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Put away those devices and interact with your children at Interaxcity, the children’s museum designed to foster creativity, curiosity and learning through imaginative play. This indoor “mini-city” is a place where your child can choose to take on any role in their town. They can take on the role of budding chefs, construction workers, doctors, a pilot, a postal clerk and more. They may prefer to work in the florist or repair cars at the mechanic shop. The sky’s the limit!

Interaxcity is for kids of all abilities and backgrounds but is best suited for children aged between 3-9 years old (i.e. kindergarten and early primary age). Younger children (under 3 years) are absolutely welcome to visit (and will have an awesome time!), but they ask that their parents keep an especially close eye on these youngsters as some exhibits have small parts.

Interaxcity is located at 1a Cawkwell St, Malvern.  Bookings are essential, with parents required to attend the 90 minute session with their kids. Admission fee is $18 per child.

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Image: Interaxcity Children’s Museum facebook

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