The World’s Biggest Pool

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Who doesn’t daydream about a sunny vacation spot right on the water during these cold Winter months! Those dreams could not get any better than San Alfonso del Mar, a private resort in Algarrobo, Chile, about 110 kilometres west of Santiago.  It  boasts the world’s largest swimming pool that hugs the coastline so closely it looks like a second beach. The sun warms the water to 26°C, nine degrees warmer than the adjoining sea.

Your quick dip may well turn into a marathon if you try swimming the length of the pool as it’s the equivalent of 20 Olympic-size swimming pools. This enormous man-made lagoon is filled with 250 million litres of crystal clear seawater, the beautiful turquoise hue of the sea just beyond it. The pool is plenty big enough for sailing, kayaking and the other water sports and activities, a waterslide and more.

If the weather is not so perfect there is the “roofed beach,” housed in a glass pyramid-shaped pavilion, with temperate water and heated sand.

Stop dreaming, start planning!


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