LEGO® Brickman Cities at Scienceworks

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Brickman Cities is an exciting interactive LEGO® experience opening at Scienceworks, Spotswood from Saturday 15 June to Sunday 4 August. This is a brand-new Brickman Cities collaboration with LEGO® CITY is the latest creation by the LEGO® Masters judge, Ryan ‘the Brickman’ McNaught and his team. Sessions last 60 minutes and they recommend 45-60 minutes to explore the experience.

Discover and explore the world’s most iconic cities, Dubai, London, New York, Sydney and Tokyo. The exhibition showcases their histories at three different stages through time, from 1000AD up to the present day. From castles and forts to skyscrapers, these towering buildings are instantly recognisable landscapes. There’s an entire wall devoted to showcasing the history of LEGO® CITY, with CITY Fire Stations from decades ago. The exhibition took more than 1,900 hours to build and and 1 million individual LEGO® bricks to build.

The centrepiece of Brickman Cities is a massive 3m x 4m 1:600 scale model of Lower Manhattan, New York built entirely from white LEGO®. Stories of New York are 3D projected onto the buildings using UHD 4K projectors. The team spent a further 250 hours developing sophisticated 3D projections that bring the hero city, New York to life.

You also get to become a budding LEGO® builder and build your vision of a LEGO® CITY of tomorrow in the hands-on interactive master build zone, home to half a million LEGO® bricks.

Click here for more information and bookings.

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