New Trolls Movie Trailer

Poppy (Anna Kendrick) doesn’t know quite what to make of the Queen of Rock, Queen Barb (Rachel Bloom) in “Trolls World Tour.”
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We are very excited to share that there is a new Trolls movie is being made! DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures have confirmed that a sequel is on it’s way!

Trolls 2 will bring both Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick back as Branch and Poppy. It’s unclear as of yet whether Timberlake – who picked up an Oscar nomination for his Trolls work – will be overseeing the musical side again. You’d have to say it stands a good chance. Trolls 2 will be in cinemas in April 2020, off the back of a $340m gross and counting for the original film. This one’s about far more than the box office, mind. That tie-in merchandising is likely to be bringing in far more than the films itself. Just look at Pixar, and the billions (no exaggeration) that the Cars movies have attracted in merchandise sales. That’s the power of a decent Trolls film too, we’d wager.

We will share anything else we learn of this new sequel but in the meantime, enjoy watching the Trolls World Tour Official trailer!


Image: Dreamworks

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