La Cité du Vin in France

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Picture your happy place, a wine-loving adult’s equivalent to Disney World in France. This vino lover’s dream is named La Cité du Vin which translates to “Wine Town” and located in Bordeaux, one of France’s most storied wine regions. Imagine eight hundred varieties of wine from seventy different countries available for tasting and ordering.

Twenty different themed areas feature various immersive exhibitions to teach you all about wine production across the globe. You can take a virtual helicopter ride giving you an eagle-eyed view of over 20 winemaking regions in seventeen countries, or the simulated boat ride that’ll teach you how wine merchants transported their precious cargo back in the day.

So on your next trip to France, head to Bordeaux’s wine-loving theme park . Tickets start at around just $25 and include a glass of wine.

Image: La Cité du Vin

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