Original He-Man toys launch

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This is very exciting news if you have an action figure loving child or big kid in the house!

Mattel (the toy company) is bringing back rebooted versions of the original He-Man toys and fans of the popular ’80s cartoon are relentlessly humming the earworm theme song in celebration. Gizmodo reports that Mattel will release a new Masters of the Universe Origins Line, starting with He-Man and Skeletor and they’ll hit the market … in 2020.

“The new figures still stand about 5.5-inches tall, and feature the same incredibly buff builds and bulging muscles as the ‘80s figures did, but with some updates made possible by 37 years of advancements in toy manufacturing,” Gizmodo says. Kids will be happy when their He-Man toys pull the pro moves that every little boy in the 80’s wished it did! Back then, the toys articulated at six points, now the new line features 16 points of articulation, meaning the battles he will have with Skeletor will be out of this world! We look forward to seeing kids running around with a raised sword He-Man calling upon the power of Greyscull!

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