Disney’s Star Wars Land

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This exciting news is for all Star Wars Lovers!

has unveiled its new “Star Wars Land,” Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The park expansion is the biggest in Disney history, opening first in Anaheim and due to open in Orlando, Florida on Aug. 29. It is a world you can fully immerse yourself in and you may just find yourself being chased by Stormtroopers or taking a ride on the  Millennium Falcon. The space will have rides, shops selling personal droids and lightsabers and “Star Wars-appropriate food and drink”.

“Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge redefines what a Disney experience can be. It invites exploration and discovery, where we can become characters in the Star Wars galaxy. More and more, our guests want to lean into these stories; not just be a spectator,” said Walt Disney Imagineering executive Scott Trowbridge in a press release. “We’re giving them the opportunity to do just that in this land, with a new level of detail and immersion. This is an opportunity to play and engage with your friends and family in a shared experience that will forge lifelong memories.”

Creators and engineers of this land visited Lucasfilm archives to look at old concept art and Star Wars set location photos, and traveled to countries like Morocco and Turkey to find real-world references that could be adapted for a planet off the beaten path from the main trilogies.

Image: Polygon

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