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Need to release some stress? Try the Smash Room or the Splash Room at Smash Splash, Oakleigh, Melbourne.

The Smash Rooms allow you to throw glassware, swing bats and sledgehammer TV’s into oblivion! Upon arriving you will receive a crate of crockery to get you started! Additional items such as tvs, printers & phones can be purchased on the day. * depending on availability. With a range of weapons, breakables and full safety gear this is the place to unleash the fury, destress and re-balance while blasting your favourite music through their individual sound systems.

One person in the room at a time. but friends can see the action through a window and take snaps. The Smash Room is for 18 Years + Hero Smash (single booking) $50 BOOK NOW.

Smashing not for you, then try paint throwing!

The Splash Room is a fun new experience unlike anything you have done before. Throw paint balloons, use your hands or purchase a canvas and create your own masterpiece. Upon arriving the you will receive paint balloons, cups of paint and brushes with an allocated time to use your splash room.  Bring a mate with you and splash together! The fun doesn’t end there… The splash room caters for under 18s perfect for any event. Splash Room Per Person $50 BOOK NOW.

Click HERE for all information, safety rules, terms & conditions and group booking costs.


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