Kodak’s world largest puzzle

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Bored in lockdown? Here’s a jigsaw puzzle that might see you through to the end!. Kodak has just launched the world’s largest puzzle, bound to offer hours (if not days/weeks/months) of entertainment. The new puzzle has a staggering 51,300 pieces and takes up 16.47 sq metres, once completed.

The puzzle represents 27 different ‘wonders of the world’, including the the Statue of Liberty in New York, London’s Tower Bridge and Machu Picchu in Peru. Impressively, every ‘wonder of the world’ is an individual 1,900-piece puzzle on its own  and bagged separately– coming in at 99cm x 61cm. After each one is put together, they can then be placed to form the super-puzzle.

Getting you hands on one is difficult as most places are sold out.  Fishpond is selling it for a cool AUS $1632 including free shipping if you are interested. At a weight of 18.5kg that might not be a bad deal!!

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