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This week, household favourite LEGO® officially announced an exciting collaboration with one of Australia’s most treasured artists, Rachel Burke, to celebrate the launch of a new, innovative 2D play range, LEGO® DOTSTM. The new LEGO® DOTS range, which includes wearables and room decor, is all about providing a blank canvas for kids to get creative with self-expression and build important life-long skills through play.

Special Offer: We’d like to encourage you to watch Rachel’s craftorials with your kids to inspire them to make their own DOTS-inspired creations at home. By posting your kids’ creations on Instagram and tagging #DOTSTODOTS, you’ll be in with a chance to win one of five LEGO® DOTS-inspired Rachel Burke jackets designed specifically for your child!

Web Site: The all-new LEGO® DOTS range can be purchased online here.

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