Monkey and Chops

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Monkey and Chops is passionate about building behavioural and financial skills in kids. Their unique range of learning resources for the home, including Reward Charts, Weekly Planners and Chore Charts, encourage self-regulation and keep the household organised. Their money box systems develop financial literacy in primary-aged children, building the foundations for financial independence in later life.Their fully versatile Classroom Planner is perfect for the home school to keep the kids on track and bring the classroom a little closer to home.

Special Offer:

Classroom Planner – perfect for the home school – $29.95

High Rise Spend-Share-Save Money Box system – develop financial literacy – $59.95 Iimage)

Chore Chart – organise the household chores – $22.95

Pocket Money Maths chart – chores plus maths – $19.95 (fridge chart), $25.95 (wall-hanging)


Facebook: @MonkeyandChops


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