Windspeed Kites

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Go fly a kite! Kids bored and sick of hanging around the house? Go fly a kite instead. It’s great outdoor fun for all ages, lots of sunshine in the park and you’ve got to stay away from anyone else so your strings don’t get tangled! Windspeed Kites has a wide range of kites to suit all ages, all wind types, all price points and all types of flying…everything from small Pocket kites (so named because you can roll ’em up and fit ’em in your pocket!), through Unicorns, Dragons, Sharks and Butterflys all the way through to High Performance Stunt Kites for teenagers and Adults.


All good Toy and Hobby stores across Australia stock the Windspeed range so call your local store…they are ready to help you and they need your help!  If you’re in isolation, try online kite stores like or


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