Live Stream with sharks, a ray & frilled-necked lizards

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Merlin Entertainments’ Australian attractions SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium and WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo entertain you today live streaming FREE on Facebook!

On Thursday 21 May dive into the depths of Shark Valley with SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium at 11:30am. Get up close as their aquarists feed giant grey nurse sharks and a massive smooth ray!

Facebook: @sydneyaquarium

NEXT UP: at 2:00pm

Join Keepers Caroline and Scott from WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo at 2:00pm as they feed their frilled-necked lizards, one of the most iconic Australian lizards! Watch this large colony as they eat their lunch and find out why these lizards are so amazing, including what they use their frill for!

Facebook: @wildlifesydney

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