Art with Ken Done

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Looking for some mindful colouring? Ken Done has a special ‘Colouring with Ken‘ worksheet you can download and colour for yourself or the kids. Ideal for lockdown!

He also has remote learning art classes all sorted  into three school-age brackets,  Primary stage 2 & 3  (years three to six), High stage 4 (years 7 & 8) and  stage 5 Senior stage 5 & 6 (years 9 – 11).

  • We all remember those iconic Ken Done’s Sydney paintings of Sydney Harbour Bridge and the  Opera House. Primary stage 2 & 3 for younger students can download the worksheets and draw their own interpretations of these paintings, design a T-shirt or add some sea life to his painting ‘Morning Dive.’
  • High stage 4 is designed for Visual Art students allowing them to explore different artmaking conventions and procedures, both structurally and subjectively.
  • The Senior Stage 5 & 6 for  years 9 – 11 Visual Art students are short answer or essay questions exploring the ways in which Ken Done has used imagery and ideas in order to communicate a range of meanings to an audience.

You can find these worksheets at the Ken Done Website CLICK HERE.

With the kids all sorted you can browse the Exhibitions at the Ken Done Gallery or shop their online store, ready to deliver some colour to your door. If you are lucky enough to be in Sydney check gallery opening times.


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