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In the middle of all this we still run our awesome business Code Name Max. We pride ourselves on keeping our client list tight and hand selected by the team so we all agree that we are always working with the best ‘two way’ fit client relationship possible on any project.

Our sole focus is that your idea is something we can make a total winner, using our proven strategies, we help you focus and succeed at that one thing you really want and make sure you get the best service in the business because we are interested in relationships and success not counting cash. Our business and team is global, full service and works 24/7.   We are super excited that the company is now run by our Creative Director, Matt Whitehurst giving us creative and idea development at the front, not budgets and administration.

If you would like to join our client list and have access to the best people in the business, and I mean people you will never get close to without 20 years of networking, millions of dollars of investment and sleeping *wink, your way up the chain. Seriously if we don’t know who you need to connect with we have someone that does in every industry.  So lets get started on your big business, start up, personal brand, you are a CEO and need a cone of silence service, blog, “i have an idea” or whatever 

BUT, yes there is always a BUT we don’t work with assholes, idiots, trouble makers, people who want to negotiate fees all the time and the like.  We  pride ourselves on a supportive two way relationship not dictator roles, if you want that I have a list of agencies that you can go and work with they re happy for you to yell at them and argue over $50.00.  If you don’t like change we are 100% not the team you want to work with.  We only choose and work with projects that we feel can win in their category and make 100% successful.

So if you are looking for new people to work with, invest with us you can’t go wrong and don’t get sharked by so many out there, you don’t need a social media agency, an SEO agency and all that bullshit I can go on about to waste your time and money on  you need a team that loves you, your business and your idea who will get deep and dirty in making your idea successful. End of Story.

So get in touch with Matt at and we can’t wait to talk to you – no project is to big or small, it just has to be awesome. You can also call on 0421 656 466.

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